Forum for Women in Development, Democracy and Justice (FODDAJ) is a Community based Organization working to harness gender equality and women empowerment within formal and informal structures in Kenya . We work to develop the skills of women led groups and organizations through our workshops, online learning communities,  high-level networking workshops and conferences.
Our key programs include:

  • Enhancing Women's Rights including Social, Economic Rights.
  • Promotion and Campaign Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence.
  • Civic and Voter engagement of women and girls for Women in Leadership and Governance.
  • Basic Vocational skills development and Income Generating activities.
Target Groups:-
  • Adolescent Girls and Young Women Ages 10-24 years
  • Women/Girl Refugees living in urban areas
  • Women/Girls with Disabilities
  • Women/Girls Living with HIV/AIDS

Our Mission: -

' To enhance women's decision making abilities through increased knowledge and awareness of their Human rights to improve their quality of life'

Objective:- To empower women to realize their rights through participation in solving problems affecting them.

Our Vision:-
A society where men and women exercise equal rights.
Our Goal:-
To empower and defend women to attain their rights.