Forum for Women in Development, Democracy and Justice (FODDAJ) is a Community based Organization working to harness gender equality and women empowerment within formal and informal structures in Kenya . We work to develop the skills of women led groups and organizations through our workshops, online learning communities,  high-level networking workshops and conferences.
Our key programs include:

  • Enhancing Women's Rights including Social, Economic Rights.
  • Promotion and Campaign Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence.
  • Civic and Voter engagement of women and girls for Women in Leadership and Governance.
  • Basic Vocational skills development and Income Generating activities.
Target Groups:-
  • Adolescent Girls and Young Women Ages 10-24 years
  • Women/Girl Refugees living in urban areas
  • Women/Girls with Disabilities
  • Women/Girls Living with HIV/AIDS

Our Mission: -

To foster new information processes and practices that disrupt traditional power structures to create new pathways to end Violence against Women and girls enabling them to gain control of their individual human rights at household and community level.

Objective:- To empower women to realize their rights through participation in solving problems affecting them.

Our Vision:-
A society where men and women exercise equal rights.

That Women/Girls will attain greater confidence in executing their day to day duties through asserting their rights and in the process join decision making platforms at household and community levels.


Our Goal:-

' To enhance women's decision making abilities through increased knowledge and awareness of their Human rights to improve their quality of life'