Forum for Women in Development, Democracy and Justice (FODDAJ) is a non-profit Women's rights Community based Organization registered in Kenya.  FODDAJ seeks to harness the untapped potential and passion of Women in rural areas in Kenya. We work to develop the skills of women through our workshops, online learning communities,  high-level networking workshops and conferences.
We believe that the health and rights of women deserve priority, and that women themselves have the potential to be powerful spokespeople on their own needs and agents of change transforming policies, programming, and their communities for the better.

Our Mission: -

' To enhance women's decision making abilities through increased knowledge and awareness of their Human rights to improve their quality of life'

Objective:- To empower women to realize their rights through participation in solving problems affecting them.

Our Vision:-
A society where men and women exercise equal rights.
Our Goal:-
To empower and defend women to attain their rights.